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00 Teacher Appreciation Apple


Teacher Appreciation Day is May 7th, and if ever there was a group of people we should show our appreciation to it is teachers! This year we are featuring a limited run of teacher appreciation apple minis. They are powder coated red with a green ring and red drop center. These mini chimes would be the perfect end of school present for any teacher. 

Additionally, a portion of apple sales goes to benefit Bottle Benders' most precious family member, Abigail (Donna's granddaughter).  Abigail is undiagnosed but has severe global delay. She is a happy and fun loving four year old, who loves to laugh and brightens every room she enters. This project will help her parents offset some costs of therapy since Abigail attends 4 therapy sessions a week, the costs add up quickly. Her mom has a little blog she updates periodically. If you want to follow Abigail's journey, you can always check it out.